Colleges and Universities Offering Degrees in Accounting

If you are intrigued by statistics and enjoy mathematical calculations, you could have a bright future in the field of accounting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts strong job growth in this profession between 2008 and 2018, with the number of positions expected to increase by 22 percent. The agency notes that most jobs in accounting require a bachelor’s degree, which you can obtain at many universities and colleges in the United States, including these.

Louisiana State University

The Department of Accounting is part of Louisiana State University’s College of Business. The department offers a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting, as well as a Ph.D. The department’s website notes that its professors write textbooks and articles in professional journals and work actively in the accounting field. Courses offered by the Department of Accounting include cost analysis and control, accounting information systems, income tax accounting and fraud auditing and forensic accounting. Students can participate in Beta Alpha Psi, an organization for financial information students and professionals.

Louisiana State University

E. J. Ourso College of Business
3304 Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

University of Arizona

Through the Eller College of Management, students at the University of Arizona (UA) can pursue a master’s degree in accounting or a bachelor of science in business administration with an accounting major. There is also a doctoral accounting program that leads to a Ph.D. in management. Undergraduate courses offered by the college’s Department of Accounting include accounting for nonprofits, principles of profit planning and control, federal taxation and analysis of financial statements. The department’s website notes that its faculty is active in research and published in top industry journals. The UA Accounting Student Association gives collegians an opportunity to interact with others pursuing degrees in this field.

University of Arizona

Eller College of Management
McClelland Hall 301
P.O. Box 210108
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108

University of Wyoming
A bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting are available at the University of Wyoming, through its College of Business. “Students completing the undergraduate accounting degree are ready to apply to many certifications such as the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), or Certified Financial Manager (CFM),” notes the school’s website. Courses required for the undergraduate degree include cost accounting, governmental and nonprofit accounting, auditing, and professionalism and ethics. The college also offers a minor in accounting and two student organizations related to the field.

University of Wyoming

College of Business
Department of Accounting, Dept. 3275
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071

Florida State University

The Florida State University (FSU) College of Business offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting, as well as a Ph.D. with a concentration in accounting. The college’s website notes that its faculty members have received national and international recognition for their research. Courses in the FSU accounting program include business law problems, auditing theory and application, cost accounting and law for accountancy. Students can participate in two organizations focused on accounting.

Florida State University
Department of Accounting­­­­
RBA 309
Tallahassee, FL 32306

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