How to Become a Certified Teacher in Wyoming

Want to teach in the “park” state? Wyoming has very strict criteria for receiving certification in its state. All applicants must complete a state approved program for licensure. Wyoming also has very unique testing requirements as well as state constitution courses that are incorporated into its criteria.

Applicants must complete a state approved teaching program in order to receive licensure. Applicants can also complete an alternative teaching program which requires them to have a bachelor’s degree in their prospective subject area. Wyoming also requires its applicants to complete state specific constitution course requirements. Applicants can complete this requirement by taking college courses that cover this content, such as political science. Most Wyoming institutions already have this as a requirement of degree completion. Out-of-state applicants are still subject to this requirement. Applicants must also have a documented recommendation from the institution where they completed their approved preparation program. Applicants will only receive certification for the areas that are documented in their recommendation.


Applicants must pass the Praxis II exams. In Wyoming, there are only two Praxis subject exams that applicants are required to take. The two exams are for the elementary education and social studies subject areas. Applicants seeking certification in all other areas are not required to take the Praxis II exams for their subject area, however they must still complete all of the other requirements for certification. Wyoming is one of the only states in the U.S. that has this unique requirement. Out-of-state social studies and elementary teachers who have had the required amount of teaching experience can be exempt from these testing requirements, as well. Both in-state and out-of-state applicants can fulfill their constitution course requirements by examination.


Applicants who have the required amount of teaching experience in social studies or elementary education, may be exempt from testing. Most approved teaching programs incorporate some kind of student teaching experience into their curriculum. Alternative certification requires participants to complete their program study while teaching in the school system, under a temporary license, in order to receive full licensure.


Out-of-state applicants are required to provide proof of full time teaching experience. They are required to have obtained Praxis II or their state subject exam scores and provide proof. Out-of-state teachers with at least three years of experience are eligible for testing exemption.

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