Hathaway scholarship is created and designed to help Wyoming students in their preparation for postsecondary education. This is a précised scholarship and is designed to help only Wyoming students who will pursue their education within the State of Wyoming. There are four different types of scholarships in this scholarship program and each of them has their specific pre-requisites set. These scholarships are merit based and there is one need based scholarship also that is designed to help the students who are in need of money to fulfill their educational requirements.
The students who are interested in this scholarship can contact their college or university office and find out what are the requirements of the scholarship that has to be met. Once you come to know about it you can look for the application form and fill it out. See whether you have to provide any document along with the application or not. This scholarship is also considered as an honor for the students and is after the name of the former Wyoming Governor Stan Hathaway. This scholarship money is for the students who are interested to attend the University of Wyoming or any of the Wyoming community college.

The funding of the Hathaway scholarship is done by giving 80% of the fund to merit based scholarships and 20% of it to need based scholarships. If you are a student and fulfill the basic requirement you can look for the specific requirements of this type of scholarship online. Collect all information regarding this scholarship like the eligibility requirements, application procedure, award levels and other necessary information. If you look for information on Internet you will find the email address where you can contact regarding the right application procedure.

There is complete information available if you are able to get in touch with the précised website. You simply have to navigate through the pages and find out the information you want to collect. Go through all of them thoroughly and then also consider whether you are eligible for applying for the scholarship or not. Apply for the Hathaway scholarship only if you fulfill the qualifying factors.

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