A Career Starting as a Paralegal

A paralegal is a person who works in a law firm as a administrative assistant for a lawyer. This position requires you to be responsible for researching different information needed to help with various forms of legal work such as title searches, real estate sales, and other types of research that a lawyer may need for their cases. A paralegal works behind the scenes in a firm and doesn’t need to deal directly with clients. All of a work that paralegals do, goes directly to the lawyer and from there it goes to the clients.

When a lawyer is preparing various cases for trial, a paralegal must research court decisions in similar cases, pertinent cases, and laws to help with obtaining as much information as possible. You will deliver your research through a written report and from there the lawyer will decide the best action to take. Other job duties of a paralegal involve dealing with mortgage agreements, preparing wills, drafting contracts, and handling divorce settlements. Depending on the law firm and the work they do, a paralegal may also be required to prepare trust funds, estate planning, and tax returns – all common business activities for a Wyoming LLC lawyer.

The work that paralegals do will involve using different types of computer software. You must also have basic knowledge of keyboarding and basic computer knowledge to access the information that is stored inside a computer database. A scanner may also be used when transferring images to documents. If you choose to work at home handling duties for a lawyer then you must also know how to use accounting software to keep track of your hours and various bills. Having a good knowledge about the various laws that apply to different situations will be essential for this type of work.

Becoming a paralegal requires you to obtain a one or twoyear course at a vocational or technical college. If you hold a degree from a college then you may also be required to take up courses in paralegal studies. After a law firm hires you, they will start you out in a entry level position handling routine tasks. You will need to have knowledge about legal terminologies for the documents you prepare. After you gain more experience they will gradually give you more challenging work. You may also be subject to different performance evaluations to help ensure that your work is adequate to the standards of the firm.

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Being a paralegal does not require any license or certification exams to obtain the position. Although college training is required to obtain a position, most of the training will take place at the firm. There are various voluntary programs that you can enroll in to gain more credentials to advance your career. The National Association for Legal Assistant(NALA), has a course that you can take that can help lead you to a professional certification. The NALA also offers online programs for professionals who want to receive or specialize in a advanced certificate. Paralegals can expect to start around $48,000 a year.

How to Locate a Wyoming LLC Owner

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a specific type of business entity. An LLC does not operate as a corporation. The owners are known as members, and an LLC can have numerous members. To find out the name of an owner, or member, of a Wyoming LLC, contact the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office which maintains records of LLC business information.
Step 1:

Navigate your web browser to the Wyoming Secretary of State website. Select the “Business Programs” tab at the top of the website, and choose “Business Search” underneath the “Online Services” menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

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Step 2:

Select “Limited Liability Company/Limited Partnership Name” underneath the “Search Type” option in the middle of the page.

Step 3:

Enter the name of the LLC, or its number if you know it, in the text field. Select “Search”.

Step 4:

Review the information provided after the search. This information will include the entity name, identification number, date of formation and the status of the LLC. Locate the name of the registered agent of the LLC by reviewing the name under “Agent for Service of Process.” You will also have access to the registered agent’s address. The registered agent may be an owner/member, or an attorney.

Use the actual name of the LLC to narrow results. Avoid using generic business names to locate an LLC because you will receive numerous entries.

Do not use the LLC business search to gather business addresses for marketing purposes.

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